To help breast cancer patients with medical bills & daily living expenses. image

To help breast cancer patients with medical bills & daily living expenses.

Please help breast cancer patients who are going through treatment.

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Patients find out that they have breast cancer and often have to quit work to receive life saving treatments. This can effect their finances. Some patients need help with breast cancer treatment co-pays, Help by donating to breast cancer medical bills and daily living expenses such as a gas or grocery card, rent or house payment and/or utilities.

Circle of Hope collects donations in honor or in memory of someone for any life event. It can be any type of ailment.

Concerts are $12.00 and are not tax deductible unless there is a portion that is a donation. You may pay here as well.

Donate $15.00 for Stage IV Local Breast Cancer Programs. This would include mailing a quilt, a fleece blanket, a feed good or educational box depending on what is available from donors. It also can include a feel good activity for a local Stage IV breast patient and/or family or a photography project for a local stage IV breast cancer patient.

Sponsorship's maybe given on this site. They are tax exempt, if you receive nothing in return.

Stage IV Breast Cancer Research through the University of Minnesota Medical School may be given on this site as well. Donation slips will be mailed out from the information you provide on this site. They also have a logo on the left down the side of our website that an individual or business can donate to our fund directly.

Dragon Boat fees may be paid on this page. They are not tax deductible, unless a portion is a donation.

Thank you so much for your help!